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Royal blue and Black football scarf

144 Inter Piosenki & amp; Piłka nożna Chants

Football Club Internazionale Milano,commonly known as Inter have won 29 national trophies including eighteen Italian league titles, six Coppa Italia and five Supercoppa Italiane.

275 Come on Inter Common football song for Inter Listy odtwarzania
929 Juventus Possibly the most tense derby in Italy with it's name being Derby d'Italia. Possibly the two biggest teams in Italy Listy odtwarzania
969 Forza Inter Hey North Tier Listy odtwarzania
1665 The Black/Blue Army Inter Has An Army Of Fans, Black/blue Are always Ready Listy odtwarzania
2361 Diego Milito Score a Goal A Football Song For The Great Striker Diego Milito Listy odtwarzania
2840 Materazzi Ole A Football Song For Materazzi Listy odtwarzania
3058 Black/Blues Come On North Tier Listy odtwarzania
3754 With Us Classic fanchant of Inter Listy odtwarzania
4451 Ivan Cordoba Choir For The Ex-Defender Cordoba Listy odtwarzania
4811 Who We Are We are Inter ultras Listy odtwarzania
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5149 You Must Win Sometimes What We needs Is Just Fans' Support And The Black/blues Know How To Do It Listy odtwarzania
5844 Go Inter Go A Real Inter Fan Never Leaves The Team Alone Listy odtwarzania
6542 If You Jump... Choir For The Ex-Striker Balotelli Listy odtwarzania
7905 Black/blue A black/blue heart can only beat for Inter, the others are nothing Listy odtwarzania
8293 We're All Champions Italian,European And World Champions Listy odtwarzania
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