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151 Juventus Piosenki & amp; Piłka nożna Chants

Juve is the third oldest of its kind in the country and has spent its entire history, with the exception of the 2006–07 season, in the top flight First Division.

334 Dale Cavese Original Fanchant Listy odtwarzania
1028 Sissoko Choir For The Ex-Midfielder Sissoko Listy odtwarzania
1723 Who Doesn't Jump Let's Push This Rivalry Further, A Juve Supporter Will Never Be A Fiorentina's Friend Listy odtwarzania
3115 Giovinco A chant dedicated to Giovinco, who played for Juve in 2012-2013 Listy odtwarzania
3783 Juve Ale Juve North Tier Listy odtwarzania
4092 Come on Buffon, Come On Juve song for their goalkeeper Buffon, a club legend already Listy odtwarzania
4480 Cop from Florence A Fanchant Against Palermo Listy odtwarzania
5178 Miccoli A Fanchant Against Miccoli Listy odtwarzania
5873 Florence Is Burning Choir Against Fiorentina Listy odtwarzania
6121 Arturo Vidal Ale Choir For The Ex-MidfielderVidal Listy odtwarzania
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6571 We Are the Juve Team And Supporters Under The Same Identity. Juve And Its Fans Are The Same Thing Listy odtwarzania
7267 Go Go Go When The Team Is Having Hard Times, Juve Supporters Know They Need To Show Their Love Listy odtwarzania
7964 As Long as I Live Choir Against Torino And Florence Listy odtwarzania
8659 Dwarf A Fanchant Against Miccoli Listy odtwarzania
9354 We Want This Victory Juve North Tier Listy odtwarzania
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